Invisalign vs. Braces

Invisalign vs Braces: What Is The Difference?
Posted on 10/28/2019

Do you think your teeth are crooked?
Do you want to correct your bite to stop chipping your teeth?
Do you feel like you hide your teeth when you smile, but you don’t want to wear braces?

You have come to the right place! We are going to share with you the differences between traditional braces and Invisalign. Most people are familiar with braces but would love to avoid brackets and wires and be treated with a more esthetic alternative like Invisalign.

Invisalign can be used to correct many problems today that could only be corrected with braces before. Invisalign has made tremendous improvements in the materials they use and orthodontists have become more proficient in using it. We have spent hundreds of hours in continuing education courses with Invisalign, learning the most advanced techniques.

We use the same orthodontic skills to straighten your teeth and correct your bite regardless of the technique. We just use metal for one and plastic for the other.

Here are the main differences:


  • You will have metal or clear ceramic braces with wires and colors.
  • Braces are much more visible on your teeth.
  • We will see you every 4-8 weeks for adjustments.
  • They are glued to your teeth so you can’t lose them; though you can knock them off.
  • There are some dietary restrictions such as not chewing sticky candy or hard foods which can be a pain for some.
  • The biggest drawback is that they make it more difficult to brush and floss so keeping your teeth clean can be a challenge.


  • The appearance is more discreet and sleek, people will rarely know that there is anything in your mouth.
  • You can remove the aligners to eat so you can eat and drink whatever you want.
  • It is much easier to brush and floss because you can remove your trays.
  • Your appointments are usually every 12-15 weeks, so you do not have to come as often as with braces.
  • Invisalign trays do not make your teeth as sore because each has only a small amount of movement built-in.
  • If you are a grinder, the trays will prevent you from wearing down your teeth because they cover the biting surfaces.
  • But, if you do not wear your aligners, they will not work!

Why not start your journey to a more beautiful, healthy smile today? We would love to see you for a complimentary consultation to determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

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